Wood Craft by Keiko Yamamoto
In 1978, born in Aomori.
In 1999, graduated Akita municipal junior College of Arts and Crafts.
In 2005, graduated Saga university graduate school of education.
participated in the exhibition of “furniture and wooden crafts” in Aomori
In 2007, held one-man exhibition in Aomori.
In 2009, attended the exhibition in Akita, received a prize in “TAKAOKA CRAFTS Competition”, and held one-man exhibition in Aomori.
In 2010, received a prize in “TAKAOKA CRAFTS Competition”, and participated in the exhibition “ Jomon x Jomonism Art ” in Tokyo.
In 2011, participated in the exhibition “ From TSUGARU to TSUGARU” in Tokyo, and held the exhibition “ Wooden works by Keiko Yamamoto” in Akita.
In 2012, participated in the exhibition “ Aomori x Crafts” in Tokyo and Aomori
In 2013, received a prize in “TAKAOKA CRAFTS Competition”, and held the exhibition “ Wooden works by Keiko Yamamoto ” in Akita.
In 2014, attended the exhibition in Aomori, participated in “ East-West Art Award Competition/ Exhibition” in London, and displayed at the exhibition in the gallery at Kamakura.
Process of the products
1. She cut the thin wooden board whose thickness is same as paper to the shape of tape.
2. She rolls the 7 or 7typs of wooden tape from the center part to the outside like a spiral coil. The combination of colors depends on her emotion on a moment.
3. When the diameter arrives at the point that she likes, she makes the form of container in moving the layers rolled like a spiral coil by hands. After fixing the form with adhesive, she shaves off the roughness of the surface with a knife and smooth with a file.
4. She finishes her product with urethane coating or oil.
Particular thought and expectation toward the products
*By using the wood whose thinness is just same as paper(0.2mm~0.5mm), she would like to expand the possibility of usage and forming of her art by the process of “ roll”, “ twist”, and “weave”.
*In her policy, she would like to save the loss of materials.
*She would like to produce something which can add the nice accent in the living space by simply putting them.

Characteristic of the products
*By rolling the wooden tape whose thinness is similar as one of paper like coil form, it is available to produce a tableware, a flower vase, and tea utensils.
*The special form made by twisting some sheets of wooden tapes is taken into her work like objet.
*By weaving some kinds of wooden tapes whose colors are different, it is available to have the color variation for the products.
*By using woods which are processed to the shape of tape rather than shaving the wooden block, it is available to minimize the losses of materials.
*Since the products are made by combining of the natural colors of woods, each work is only one in the world.


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