OUR PRODUCTS by Shinji Goto photos by Yasushi Matsumura

It is very easy to decorate the meals. It is very light and strong, so we can serve it for children peacefully.
Size:23cm/9.1inch(major-axis) , 16cm/6.3inch(minor-axis) in width
Color: Ivory

2.COWAN(round bowl)

It is very cute round shape. It is very comfortable to hold it. We will be happy to have a tea time with this.
Size: 10.5cm/4.1inch in diameter, 6cm/2.4inch in height
Color: Burgundy, sumi-black, silver

3.MESHIWAN(shallow bowl)

Meshi means rice in Japanese. This is designed the retro rice bowl of 1940's-50's. The shape uniquely looks like a morning glory. You can imagine many things how to use.
Size:12.0cm/4.7inch in diameter, 5.3cm/2.1inch in height
Color: Burgundy, sumi-black, silver

4.SHIRUWAN(deep small bowl)

Shiru means soup in Japanese. It is very comfortable to attach your lip on the rim. So it may be good idea to use it as a cup for café au lait.
Size:12.0cm/4.7inch in diameter, 6.0cm/2.4inch in height
Color: Burgundy, sumi-black, silver

5.OHWAN(deep big bowl)

It might be good idea to use for ramen bowl or pasta, since we don't feel any hot when we hold it.
Size:13.0cm/5.1inch in diameter, 8.1cm/3.2inch in height
Color: sumi-black, silver

6.TAKENURIBASHI(bamboo chopsticks)

You will be surprised to hold them, since it is very easy to use. It is just good size to hold .The chopsticks are made with a lot of ingenuity, so the technique of shave and lacquer on the edge has made function of the prevention of drop the meals.
Size:23cm/9.1inch in length
Color: saddle brown

Customize your products
Your wooden plates and your wooden boxes will be reborn as the original lifetime lacquer ware !

We will lacquer your wooden products. If you want, we would like you to send us the photo of your wooden products and size of them. The lead time depends on the products and the working situation, so we are going to send you the estimate and delivery date as soon as we get the information of your products. The shipping fee should be beard by the customers. The photos are the ukuleles and the surfboard which Mr. Goto made.


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