Bizen Pottery by Suzuho Sato
Born in 1937. Lives in Toshima-ku in Tokyo.
The 67th Shinkouzouten in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Otaki Hokkaido ceramic exhibition in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011
Characteristic of Traditional Bizen ware
Mrs. Suzuho Sato uses 100% of Bizen clays. Bizen is named after a village of Imbe in Okayama prefecture, formerly known as Bizen province. Bizen developed also Japan's oldest pottery making technique, introduced in the Heian period (794 - 1185). Bizen clay's has a high iron content and, traditionally organic because created without any glazing. So her products have a lot of advantages of Bizen ware like strength, warmth, and good combination with food, drink, and nature.
Particular thought and expectation toward the products
1.Spiral wedging - She usually kneads the clay approximately 1000 times for 15min. The work is continued for 3 days.
2. Slapping technique - She continues to slap the clay from early morning to the night until the thickness becomes 2mm. All tools she uses are original ones, which she made.
3. Process of making tea cup - a) making a hole
3. Process of tea cup making - a) making a hole. b) giving the finishing touch with sheep skin. c) making the foot


She always insists that she is not only a ceramist but also a house-wife. So, she loves beautiful vessel, but she would not like to create one which is impractical for serving daily meals.
She creates Bizen wares with a particular design as a daily use. It is easy to associate the Bizen wares with very thick and fanciful products. However, it is very difficult to use them for every meals in our daily life, since it is really too heavy. It is her motto to create very light, thin, and solid craft, so that they can be easily treated, piled and held. Then a lot of people can enjoy beautiful Bizen wares in their daily lives.    

Characteristics of the products
The wares created with 100% Bizen clays hardly exist in the world. Pure Bizen clay makes it possible to create beautiful surface just by the effect of fire and straw without depending on any glaze. Originally, Bizen clay is very thick and heavy, but she uses an original tool and continues to hit for many hours to extend it. So it gets thinner, lighter, and stronger. She beats it from early morning for a whole day and creates a thin beautiful form like Chinese and Western pocelain. When the combination of fire and straw makes a miracle performance, her ware is finally finished.


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