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Naoko Takenobu

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TAKENOBU is an agent that sells the Japanese craft works made by the creators who make efforts to succeed the Japanese traditional crafts and to produce the original style to America, France, and other European countries.
We go into partnership with the creators and the companies who are proud of their products, who are absorbed in working into their small studio and who have a positive idea that they would like to introduce their crafts in the world. We would like to develop the global business as both B to B and B to C with them. TAKENOBU is in charge of all business flow just like marketing, promotion, contract, delivery, bill, and claim so that the creators may concentrate on only making their good products. 

TAKENOBU manage Atelier Naoko(http:www.atelier-naoko.tokyo) as work shop in which we have objective to introduce their products for samples which the participants can understand how they are conveniently designed with good quality.



Profile of president

Studied English and American literature for 4 years at university. Studied in America for 1year at 3rd grade of university student. In 1987, entered ADEKA Corporation, and at the International Plastic Additives section, played a key role to expand the global business. Responsible for supply chain management and analyzing sales and market of 7 overseas subsidiary companies. In 2007, joined BIC, French company. Improved the company’s structure for supply chain management and customer service with good negotiations and a lot of countermeasures. Responsible for making solutions for all problems like customers complaints against the quality of the products and matters of great urgency. Received the company’s award of the year as a most responsible person, 4times.

Since 2006, started studying French and still enjoy French lessons in the school now.

Overseas Agent

(California, U.S.A)
Celine Bonnet-Laquitaine


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